innovation in geothermal energy

Our company

InnoGeo Ltd is the spin-off company of the University of Szeged, its founders (Aquaplus Kft, Árpád Agrár Zrt, Geothermal Coordination and Innovation Foundation) are organizations committed to the development of the geothermal industry and to the sustainable extraction and use of deep geothermal energy in the Southern Great Plain region.

The mission of the company is to help coordinate regional developments related to geothermal energy, to create a balance between its economic, technological and environmental aspects, to foster the two-way transfer of innovation needs and results between research institutions and users, to provide consultancy for the geothermal energy sector, companies and municipalities, and to carry out regional monitoring of geothermal heat and water extraction for long-term sustainability (including the hydrodynamic transport and storage of resources). A priority of the company is to provide reliable information about renewables to the general public, influence their energy use habits and familiarize younger generations with scientific and industrial career options.

The company aims to achieve the above goals by relying on its own human resources, as well as in cooperation with research institutions and companies in the region (including Serbia and Romania), in domestic, cross-border and EU projects.

Our mission

Creating a harmonious relationship between society and the environment

The long-term goal of the founders by establishing InnoGeo Ltd. was to assist the set-up of a regional deep geothermal industry, and the support of its development – with special regard to small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in R&D and the distribution and sale of cascade-based technology, as well as to the energy service providers using these technologies. Through these activities, the company also wants to effectively assist regional secondary and tertiary vocational education in renewable energy management, as well as to increase the awareness and social acceptance of geothermal energy use. 

What we offer

InnoGeo is open to co-operations in Horizon Europe, InnovFund and other actions.
InnoGeo has very close ties with the District Heating Company of Szeged with InnoGeo experts holding leading positions in the DH Company: therefore, should you be interested in co-operating with SZETAV, feel free to contact us!
The experts of InnoGeo Ltd provide project development and project generation solutions to municipalities and enterprises seeking to utilize geothermal energy.

assessing the hydrogeological potential of target areas

heat market analysis

identifying best available technologies

finding investors and applying for EU funding, providing CBA’s and feasibility studies

project management

Our publications

The staff of InnoGeo Ltd have participated in several research and development projects, whose results have been published in domestic and international conference presentations, posters and scientific journals. Besides these the company has published 4 handbooks.

Our Experts 

Dr. Balázs Kóbor

Dr. Balázs Kóbor


Dr. Balazs Kobor received his Ph.D. in geology at the University of Szeged (USZ) in 2004. Chief Executive Officer of the Ltd, Dr. Kóbor is a distinguished researcher of environmental geology, and hydrogeology lecturing at graduate and postgraduate levels at the USZ. Dr. Kóbor has been involved in the development of cascaded geothermal systems in Mórahalom, Szeged, and Algyő, and he is the director of the South Great Plain Thermal Energy Cluster and the CEO of the District Heating Company of Szeged.

Dr. Tamás Medgyes

Dr. Tamás Medgyes

project manager

Dr. Tamas Medgyes studied at József Attila University, Universita’ degli studi di Napoli and Universität Wien, and received his Ph.D. in humanities in 2003. As a project manager, he has participated in the development and implementation of dozens of regional and international R&D and demonstration projects, including some of the largest DH system overhauls in Hungary such as the Makó and Csongrád, and currently the Szeged geothermal system developments. Dr. Medgyes is the project manager of InnoGeo, and the Chief Operations Officer of the District Heating Company of Szeged as well as the Secretary of the Hungarian Thermal Energy Association.

Dr. Gábor Bozsó

Dr. Gábor Bozsó

project associate

Gabor Bozso received his Ph.D. at the University of Szeged in 2010. He is Vice-head of the Institute of Geography and Geology at the USZ with environmental geochemistry as his main field of expertise. Dr. Bozsó is an in-house expert of InnoGeo and the Head of the Operations Department at the District Heating Company of Szeged.

Mr. István Pári

Mr. István Pári

field geologist

Mr. István Pári graduated as a geologist in 2007 as a hydrogeologist and environmental geologist at Eötvös Loránd University. His professional interest and work portfolio is very diverse. He has worked for several years as a field geologist on solid mineral exploration projects, mainly in Canada, the United States and Chile. He later worked on land and offshore oil rigs in Egypt, Algeria and Angola. He has been dealing with geothermal energy since 2011, mainly in the framework of European Union research and development tenders and projects.

Mr. Attila Csanádi

Mr. Attila Csanádi


Mr. Csanadi graduated as a geography major with a degree in geology from the University of Szeged in 2004. Between 2004 and 2015, he was a PhD student and a research assistant at the Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology of the University of Szeged. He has been a researcher and assistant in several domestic and international energy related R&D projects. Since its establishment, he has been a geothermal expert of InnoGeo Kft.

Ms. Nóra Czirbus

Ms. Nóra Czirbus


Ms. Czirbus graduated from the University of Szeged in 2009 with a degree in Water and Soil Protection and Waste Management and Disposal, and in 2012 she obtained an MSc degree in Environmental Engineering at Szent István University. Her main area of ​​expertise is large instrument organic and inorganic geochemistry (mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography, X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometry). She has participated in oil and gas exploration, examined the organic matter content of thermal waters and has been involved in several geothermal research and development projects.


Ongoing projects

Geothermal conversion of district heating in Szeged

Geothermal conversion of district heating in Szeged

The expert team of InnoGeo Ltd takes the lion's share in the geothermal conversion of district heating in Szeged. In 2018, our company prepared, submitted and won KEHOP tenders for the consortium of SZETAV Ltd (the District Heating Company of Szeged), Geo Hőterm Ltd....

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