Geothermal conversion of district heating in Szeged

The expert team of InnoGeo Ltd takes the lion’s share in the geothermal conversion of district heating in Szeged. In 2018, our company prepared, submitted and won KEHOP tenders for the consortium of SZETAV Ltd (the District Heating Company of Szeged), Geo Hőterm Ltd. and Nemzeti Fejlesztési Programiroda Ltd. for the renewable energy-based conversion of 16 heating circuits. The total value of the 9 projects is 6 billion Euro’s, the support intensity is 50%. The developments supply geothermal energy to the heating plants of SZETÁV Ltd. During the projects, new 1,700 – 2,000 m deep extraction and re-injection thermal wells will be drilled in the Northern, Tarján, Rókus, Downtown, Makkosháza and Odessa districts, which will produce thermal water with an average yield of 80 m3 / h and a temperature of 90°C. This water is not fed into the district heating or domestic hot water network, but is utilized in the boiler rooms via heat exchangers and then returned to the deep water storage layers by means of injection wells. As a result of the projects, nearly 8.8 million m3 of burned natural gas will be replaced annually with 350 thousand GJ of geothermal energy source, cutting SZETÁV’s emissions by 25 thousand tons of CO2 per year, reducing the greenhouse gas load on the city’s air. As a result of the development, the share of renewable energy will be 50% for the total district heating in Szeged, while the air quality and the security of supply will improve. This development is currently the largest geothermal district heating project in Central Europe, and when ready, will be among the largest geothermal district heating systems on the continent.