Fostering the implementation of shallow geothermal hybrid heating and cooling systems in the Danube Region – Danube GeoHeCo

Member of a 13-strong consortium led by the Croatian Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd., and representing 6 countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia), InnoGeo Ltd., won a grant of EUR 149,043 for the implementation of the tasks undertaken in the Danube GeoHeCo project (total budget EUR 2,481,000).

The tender was submitted to the Danube Transnational Programme under priority 2.1 of the INTERREG call (Support greening the energy and transport sectors in the Danube Region by enhancing the integration of renewable energy sources).

The 30-month project, which started on 01.01.2024, aims to contribute to the intensification of shallow geothermal energy production and use with the help of infrastructural investments and promotional activities in the Danube Region. Through the integration of shallow geothermal energy (heat pump applications) into fossil-fuel based district heating systems, the project helps to achieve the EU’s 2030 and 2050 climate goals and also includes capacity expansion and awareness-raising elements.

InnoGeo Ltd. is responsible for the stakeholder engagement activities in the Southern Great Plain Region (reaching out to companies interested in shallow geothermal energy, civil organizations, research centers, municipalities), and in Szeged InnoGeo is the leader of the demonstration investment to be implemented in the project at the Szeged District Heat Company.