Danube Region Leading Geothermal Energy –DARLINGe

(DTP1-1-099-3.2): 10 ERDF and 5 IPA partners representing geological surveys, university, industry, regional energy and development agencies, ministry and municipality from 6 countries worked together to improve energy security and efficiency in the Danube Region by promoting sustainable utilization of the existing, however still largely untapped deep geothermal resources in the heating sector.

An associated project partner, the SZETAV was a pilot site of the project with Dr. Medgyes and Dr. Szanyi being lead researchers responsible for coordinating all activities in the Hungarian-Romanian-Serbian target area and providing their expertise to the R&D work-packages of the 2.5M Euro’s budget project.


For more information about the project visit: https://mbfsz.gov.hu/futo-palyazatok/darlinge-projekt


The interactive portal summarizing the geothermal features of the Danube Region, thermal energy projects, development opportunities in this direction, as well as the studies prepared in the project can be accessed at the following link: https://www.darlinge.eu