Decarbonized Mórahalom – geothermal-based sustainable, combined green energy model project for small settlements

InnoGeo Ltd, in a consortium with the Mórahalom Municipality, the Foundation for Regional Energy and Infrastructure Policy Cooperation (REKK) and Professional Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises (MATÁSZSZ), submitted a tender for the provision of energy supply to settlements that intend to replace natural gas using modern technologies and flexibility services , for the 2020 -3.1.3-ZFR-TEFH call for tenders. The application received support on January 15, 2020. The total cost of the project is 1,488,500,000 HUF, and InnoGeo Ltd received a subsidy of 413,500,000 HUF.

A The general objective of the Decarbonized Mórahalom – a geothermal-based sustainable, combined green energy model project is to replace the natural gas-based energy supply in Mórahalom with locally available, renewable (geothermal and photovoltaic) sources, and to serve as a consumer-friendly, environmentally and financially sustainable supply model that increases security of supply for smiliar sized (5-10 thousand inhabitants) settlements.

The direct goals of the planned development are as follows:

  1. meeting the significantly increased local heat market needs from the thermal source;
  2. integration of the planned new thermal system with two other thermal water-based district heating systems operating in the City l(Hunyadi Liget Geothermal Cascade System and Norwegian Geothermal Utility System);
  3. diversification of renewable energy production through the injection of thermal water and the expansion of photovoltaic energy production capacity;
  4. through the implementation of technical R&D tasks, it plans to build a significant technical knowledge base in relation to a) utilization of accompanying gases formed in thermal wells, b) intelligent control of the integrated district heating system, and c) hydrological, hydrodynamic and geochemical examination of water production and injection; as well as
  5. development and replication of a model heat service project for a prosumer partnership suitable for wide replication